Top Interior Trends for 2019

As seasons change, so do the trends. Beautiful and achievable interior design has become a possibility for everyone thanks to Pinterest and the introduction of ‘hygge’ – the Swedish way of comfort.

But how will you decorate your home to achieve a timeless, yet modern feel? The top trends for 2019 with regards to home décor are both new and fresh but hold the ability to impress time and time again. Which will you choose to implement in your home?

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones have the ability to make any room feel rich and sophisticated. Amethyst, sapphire, emerald alike, these colours are striking and make a big impact on any room.

We recommend you try an accent wall to avoid overpowering or on the other hand, balance your use of jewel tones with neutrals to soften their boldness.

Jewel tones furniture is great for creating a focal point within a room and can be accented with other jewel tone accessories to really create that luxurious and plush feeling.

Florals and Bold Prints

Bold prints and florals are certainly the way to make a statement in 2019. Florals are a beautiful way to bring the garden inside and can be exceptionally delicate and balanced when combined with the right accent furniture.

Print wise, whether you’re choosing stripes and geometrics, tropical leaves or fruity motifs, there’s always a way to make bold patterns work in every room.

If you prefer more of a simplistic style, choose one bold piece and let the eye be drawn to this. For a more eccentric and themed room, combine your patterns to complement one another and provide a sense of chaotic balance in your home.


As we become more and more aware of how we impact our environment, sustainable interior decoration methods have risen in popularity.

Choosing lighter walls and designs is recommended, as the amount of light reflected will be higher, saving money on illuminating your home. The same principle applies with carpets and rugs – these act as another thermal layer to reduce the need for heating in the colder months.

Choosing materials and surfaces wisely can also help with the environmental elements of home décor. Many people avoid synthetic materials, but these can actually prove more sustainable in terms of their life expectancy – they last longer.

Light Wood

Light wood veneers are still on trend for 2019. Remaining a classic due to its compatibility with a range of colours and materials, oak and pine style wood finishes can add a classy and uniform touch to any room.

To browse our selection of light wood furniture and furnishings, visit the shop section of our websiteor come and see us in store.

Comfort Remains Key

Ottomans to put your feet up, and abundance of pillows to bury yourself in – 2019 is the year for comfort.

This isn’t so much a trend but a lifestyle – your home is your place to relax, so make sure it’s equipped for this!

Art Deco Detailing

Famous for hard angles, symmetry and metallics, lavish and wealthy art deco designs are back! Period pieces are well sought after – the art movement spanned decades so it’s easy to see why it is considered so timeless.

Striking colours mixed with clean lines and lacquered furniture are your go-to’s when attempting to emulate the luxury of this period.

Living Coral:

Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year was names as Living Coral 16-1546. Try a feature wall, accent pillows or focus furniture using this colour to stay on trend all year round.

The colour pairs well with neutrals and greens and blues (for a real under-the-sea feel).

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