Tips to Give Your Home a Refresh in the New Year

A new year often brings about change and inspiration. One of the best ways you can implement this in order to improve your 2019, is to give your home a bit of a refresh.

There are a variety of ways to freshen up your living space and bring something different to your home.

If 2019 is the year of ‘New Year, New Home’, keep on reading.

Upgrade your Storage

So many of us are guilty of leaving our belongings out and about. Investing in some good quality storage can make a big difference to the atmosphere of your home. Even if it’s just a space to put the items you would usually have scattered around.

Bookcases are great for displaying ornaments, magazines and newspapers, similarly, ottomans and cupboards are an ideal way to stash undesirable or unused items out of site.

If you’re a tad tight on space in your home, rather than adding more units, think about switching some of your current pieces for those slightly more useful, or invest in some hidden storage accessories to keep even the smallest of spaces tidy.

If you’re in the market for upgrading your storage this New Year, take a look at our range of storage pieces – you'll be sure to find the perfect piece for your home.

Convenience First

If there’s items you find yourself reaching for on a daily basis, ensure the layout of your items work with this.

Not only will this look different, but you can organise things like your cupboards or wardrobe to have the frequently used items at the most accessible places.

This will make a huge difference not only to refreshing your home but will most likely result in an easier start to your morning when everything you need is in arm’s reach!

Spring Clean

What more do we need to say? A spring clean has become something of a new year’s tradition for many, sprucing up your home with the intent to follow this for the rest of the year.

Whether you stick to it or not, a ‘spring clean’ can be great for refreshing your home. You may discover belongings you haven’t seen in a while, and there’s no better feeling than the accomplishment that follows a clean room – tidy house, tidy mind!

Florals and Greenery

There’s nothing fresher than nature. Add some of this to your home by decorating with flowers, you’ll soon notice their pleasant scent filling your home.

Green is a colour known to symbolize freshness, fertility, growth and harmony. Balance your home and bring only good emotions by dotting some green plants around your house.

You’ll be able to find some form of greenery to freshen up your space no matter how much room you can dedicate to this purpose. A potted cacti for your desk or a larger corner plant - there will be something that’s perfect for you and your home.

Change up your Colour Scheme

This is a simple and relatively cheap way of refreshing your home for the new year.

Whether you have accent cushions and curtains, or a theme within your artwork, changing the colour scheme for these can really change the look of your house from season to season.

The great thing about colour schemes, especially if you have a neutral base to your rooms, is that they can be changed again and again, always adding a fresh feel to your living space.

Liven Up Your Walls

The same goes for a feature wall  – it is a fairly easy job to change this up when you feel like it.

You could even let the colour of this form the basis of your general colour scheme and is certain to add a new element to your sanctuary.

Allow Yourself the Little Things

Even a small spruce up like changing your sheets can help your home feel fresher for the year ahead.

If your budget doesn’t allow huge spending, there are plenty of retailers who sell affordable bedding.

Small changes like this really can make a huge difference.

Whatever room you’re looking to freshen up in 2019, we can help. To browse our range of furniture, with plenty of storage options to suit you, visit our website today.

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