Top Tip For A Good Nights Sleep On Holiday

Holiday season is in full swing and although this fills many of us with excitement there are plenty of us that are filled with dread at the thought of being away from our very own bed! If we don’t sleep well then we are likely to be grumpy, tired and miserable for the day ahead (this is the last thing we want when on holiday). Our team at Exmouth Bed and Pine have put together a variety of top tips to help you try and get a good nights sleep when you are away on holiday!

  • Okay so taking your bed with you is pretty much off the list, but taking your pillow with you is definitely a little more achievable, especially if you are travelling within the UK or by car. Most of us get use to a certain pillow, by taking your pillow with you, you should be provided with a little home comfort.
  • If you are flying into a different time zone, the earlier you can get use to it the better. When you depart the UK and get on your flight set your watch to the time in your expected destination so that you can try and get into this new bed time routine. This should help you get a decent nights sleep when you arrive so that hopefully you aren’t left tossing and turning unable to sleep because it is the middle of the day back home.
  • The conditions in the environment you are going to be sleeping in are likely to be very different to your conditions at home, if you are use to sleeping in pitch black and silence, then we advise taking an eye mask and earphones to help create an environment that you are normally use to.
  • If you are travelling to a hot country, you might want to make sure that your accommodation offers air conditioning particularly if you are someone that gets affected by the heat. Be sure to check what temperature the hotel has set the room temperature too and make sure you adjust it to suit your needs.
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise – exercise has been proven to help get a better nights sleep so just because you are on holiday you shouldn’t give this a miss! Find some time to add it to your schedule, even if its just a walk exploring your new surrounding, your body will be grateful.
  • If you are feeling particularly tired of a morning get outside and enjoy some daylight. Daylight can help set your body clock.

We hope our tips will help you have a relaxing break! For those of you that struggle getting a good nights sleep even at home you might want to read an earlier blog entry of ours that contains some general advice on getting a better nights sleep!

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