Top Interior Trends for Spring

Interior is a very personal thing, it is a way of expressing who you are and what your home is about. However, I think we would all be lying if we said that the trends don’t sway our interior tastes slightly. We have created a list of some of our favourite trends for this Spring.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

This falls across all interior design, from wallpaper to accent décor, geometric is not a new thing to interior design but it is still extremely popular. There are so many ways you can add a little touch into your interior. Simple wooden furniture can be a great touch against a patterned wallpaper. Why not try using a geometric tile in your bathroom or kitchen?

Foliage, Foliage and more Foliage

What better way to get out of the winter blues with luscious green plants all over your home. Hanging foliage is a key trend for Spring, with people replacing chandeliers with hanging plants and foliage. Liven up any room in your house with foliage, this is a trendy and affordable way to brighten any room and add some much needed fresh oxygen to your home. This goes perfectly against natural wood furniture such as oak or pine, for a real natural feel you could use all wooden furniture.  Hang them on your walls or keep them in pots, whatever will suit your interior more.

Indigo Blue

This ink splash blue is a much needed break from the pastels and bright colours that Spring brings but also looks amazing sat next to any pastel, especially a blush pink. Painting a whole room this shade could seem a tad overwhelming so why not try adding in some subtle touches of indigo or large statement pieces into a room. Experiment with shapes, style, structures and fabrics to get the most out of this shade.

Blush Pink

The strong favourite of 2017 isn’t going anywhere this Spring, blush pink has maintained its top spot as a trend. This muted shade of pink is extremely universal for interiors, paint a whole room or wall this shade for a subtle touch of colour to wooden furniture – pine and oak is perfect for this or add touches of this colour into a dark room to add a depth and lightness to the room.

Many of our furniture pieces are available in a range of colours so pop into the shop or give us a ring for more information on what you could add to your home.

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