Tips for Staying Cool for a Great Night’s Sleep

Have you spent the past few weeks tossing and turning because of the heat? It’s safe to say that here in the UK we are not quite as equipped for the weather we have been experiencing as some of our European neighbours and this has meant that a lot of people’s sleep has suffered.

However, there is no need to panic that the heat is set to continue as we have a few tips to help you stay cool while you sleep.

Keep the Heat Out

Not allowing your room to heat up is possibly one of the easiest ways to say cool all night long. Keeping your blinds and curtains shut all day will mean that your room won’t heat up in the mid-day sun.

If the air is cooler outside than in your room, it may be a good idea to open your windows to try and get some of the cool air in and push the hot air out. This is most effective in the evening or even at night when outside starts to cool down a little.

Remember, the higher up you are in your home, the warmer your room will get as hot air rises.

Your Bedding Makes a Difference Too

Cotton sheets are the best for promoting breathability and airflow on hot summer nights. There are also moisture wicking sheets available on the market which will take the moisture away from your skin in this warm weather.

If you still want to sleep with a duvet, it’s worth investing in a summer duvet, perfect for when the weather heats up. Go for the lowest tog rating available as this will be the lightest. Alternatively, a cotton sheet would keep you much cooler than a duvet will and again will help to conduct the heat away from your body.

Utilise Your Freezer

Your freezer has probably been your best friend when it comes to keeping your refreshments cool this summer, but it may also help in getting you a good night’s sleep.

For a hot night, you can fill up a hot water bottle with cool water and then freeze. This will be your personal ice cube to keep you cool all night. Wrap it in a tea towel to prevent your bed from getting wet or it being too cold on your skin.

Another tip is to put your pillowcases and bed sheets into a zip-lock bag. Then simply pop this bag in the freezer, it will cool your sheets so they’re icy fresh and the bag will keep your sheets dry, ready for bedtime.

Get Yourself Ready

Most people are fairly unsure of what is the best thing to wear to bed in this kind of heat. Again, pure cotton will be your best friend in the heat.

Light cotton nightwear is much better at keeping you cooler than anything else; it aids in keeping you cool.

Many of us avoid sleeping in socks when we’re warm, but if you put your socks in the fridge or freezer before bed, it will actually help cool you down. Keeping your feet cool is a sure-fire way to regulate your whole body’s temperature.

Finally, if you have long hair, it is best to tie them back when you sleep. Hair across your neck will only make you warmer so tying it up will help.

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