The 6 essentials that every home office needs

Working from home is becoming increasingly common with more people than ever before making the switch from office to home. Getting the balance between work and home can be hard at times which is why a home office is the perfect way to define this line. Here are the essentials that any great home office needs.


A desk for your computer or papers gives you’re the perfect designated work space that you will need. Not only will it give you the space and the storage that you’ll need for your work but will also help with your posture when working on a computer as opposed to be hunched over a laptop working on your sofa. You can look at our range of computer desks here.

Plants and Artwork

This may seem like it should be a second thought but having plants and artwork in your workplace helps to stimulate your brain and motivate you to work. Nobody wants to be sat in a white room with only a desk and computer.

Printer and Scanner

A lot of businesses are going paperless now, however, it is important to have a printer and scanner as legal documents or contracts may need to be signed and scanned. They are both essentials for any office no matter what the field of work. If lack of space is the issue, we offer a range of cupboards perfect to store any printer. This will help to keep your office organised and provide you with more storage.

The Perfect Chair

This may seem like a simple addition to your office but a great chair can actually make a big difference. Having a good posture when your working can prevent aches and pains which will distract you from your work. If you have a comfy chair you will be more motivated to sit down and work.

Accessibility to Drinks

When you’re working at home it can be tempting to wander off to get a cup of coffee and get distracted. Having the facilities to make your drinks in your office can really cut down the time where you have been distracted. Try adding a coffee machine, kettle or even a tea pot to your office.

Store your Resources in one place

Not only does a bookcase filled with amazing books look great and add a little more interest into your office but they are also extremely useful. Storing all your books and resources in one place will make your office organised and allow you to get the most out of your time at work. Everything you need is all in one convenient place.

Bookcases will fit in any room and are definitely needed in a home office, whether it’s for your favourite fiction books to pick up when you need a break or your work bibles, the books that you swear by in your industry. They can all be stored conveniently and attractively on a bookcase. We have a whole range of bookcases to fit any space in any office, browse our range here.

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