Sealy Beds team up with Olympian


At Exmouth Bed & Pine Centre we stock a large range of Sealy Beds and mattresses.  We have supplied Sealy Beds for over 20 years, they are a great brand, well made, technically advanced, and super comfy.  It was nice to see the following article in Furniture news:

Bed brand Sealy UK has teamed up with former British Jamaican and Olympic champion, Linford Christie OBE, to help aid his intense coaching programme of the GB athletics team through high quality sleep.

Supporting the manufacturer’s World of Sport campaign, which demonstrates the link between sleep and sporting success, Linford is an ideal ambassador, having experienced the importance of a good night’s rest during his successful sprinting career.

Linford Christie is one of the most decorated British male athletes and is one who recognises the importance of sleep when it comes to training and performance. With more than 10 years of sprinting achievements, it is not surprising that the sporting champion now coaches members of the GB athletics team and that many consider him to be a national treasure.

Linford has always been an advocate of a great night’s sleep in order to reach peak physical performance. Now coaching the next sporting generation, he insists that all his trainees are well rested before training commences daily.

Sealy has also partnered with one of Linford’s prodigies, Margaret Adeoye, a budding sprinter in the GB team. Having represented her country at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Margaret undergoes a rigorous training programme under the watchful eye of her coach and says a good night’s sleep gives her a new release of energy and enables her to continue training hard every day.

She commented: “Linford is always very keen for us to rest well before training and you’d be amazed at the difference having a good night’s sleep has on your performance. I can really notice the difference in my speed and endurance if I’m tired.”

Holly Venning, brand marketing manager at Sealy, says: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Linford Christie – most of us grew up watching him win medal after medal so are well aware of his sporting prowess.

“It’s fantastic to know that Linford is so insistent that his GB team are well rested before training because sleep really does play such a vital role when it comes to athletic performance – Margaret is a great testament to this. When we sleep, our bodies recover, our muscles strengthen and we are rejuvenated.”

Linford says: “It’s great to be working with Sealy as part of their World of Sport campaign. During my days as a full time athlete, I always made sure that a good night’s rest was top of the agenda. Now as a coach, one of my top priorities is to make sure the team rest well so that they are in peak condition to train hard.”


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