How to Repair Scratched Pine and Oak Furniture

Whilst pine and oak are both strong woods that make for excellently sturdy and durable furniture, daily wear and tear can put them at risk of surface damage. It’s known that caring for your furniture will prolong its life and keep its appearance looking clean and fresh, but whilst we do what we can, scratches do happen. However, there are a number of ways in which surface damage can be repaired, allowing you to restore your furniture to its former brilliance.

Minor Scratch Furniture Repairs

Luckily, repairing minor scratches is straightforward. You can easily reduce the appearance of a scratch by using your regular treatment wax and buffing it with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you could try rubbing the flesh of a walnut, pecan, or brazil nut over the scratch. This will instantly minimise the appearance of the raw scratch as the oils darken the wood so that it matches the rest of the furniture. You will need to use the warmth of your finger to rub the surface in order to help the oil sink in.

Deeper Scratch Repairs

For deeper scratches, wax furniture-patching sticks can be very effective. These soft wax sticks are fairly inexpensive and are widely sold in DIY shops and sometimes in supermarkets. You will need to purchase a colour that closely matches your pine or oak furniture. When repairing the scratch you will need to warm some of it up in your fingers and then rub it over the scratches. The wax will fill the scratch and give the appearance of a smoother surface. Remove the excess with a palette knife or even just a bank card and then buff the surface with a soft cloth and some hard-wax paste once it has dried.

You could also try staining the wood yourself as this will hide some of the deeper scratches. The stain should be oil-based and should match the colour of the pine or oak furniture as closely as possible. You should apply the stain with an artists’ brush, either just over the scratch itself, or you could re-stain the whole surface if you prefer. Wait for 15 minutes, then wipe the stain from the surface and repeat as necessary. Once you’re happy with the result, wait until the stain has completely dried and then buff the surface to a shine with a soft cloth and a hard-wax paste.

For particularly bad scratches that you cannot repair yourself, we recommend that you take your furniture to a professional to be refinished.


For more information on furniture repairs and more on how to care for your pine and oak furniture, contact Exmouth Bed and Pine today.

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