Protect your flooring from heavy wooden furniture

Pine and oak furniture makes a beautiful addition to any home. Its strong and durable nature makes it a great investment that will stand the test of time, but it’s heavy and can easily damage your floors with scuffs, scratches and dents.

Like your pine and oak furnishings, your flooring is an investment and so ensuring that it stays as well-preserved as possible is key. Below are some protective measures you can take to protect your flooring:

Always Lift Furniture

Solid wood furnishings are heavy and dragging them across any type of flooring can put it at risk of damage. This is particularly important to note for wooden or tiled floors as the furniture could scratch or scuff these surfaces. When pieces are too heavy to lift, you could try placing a towel underneath them and then slide them across the floor. This will protect both your furniture and the floor from damage.

Use Protective Pads

Furniture pads are either made of felt or rubber and create a barrier between your furniture and the floor. Felt is a popular choice for hard floors but it can wear down quickly so it is suggested that you choose a thicker felt, especially for furniture that will require a fair amount of movement, such as dining room chairs.

Rubber pads are also a good option but these can leave scuff marks on hard-surface floors so these are best used for furniture that does not need to be moved often.

Use Protective Cups

Similar to furniture pads, furniture cups are used as a barrier to protect both the furniture and the floor. Cups, and sometimes coasters, are used frequently on carpeted floors because they help to evenly distribute the weight of the pieces. They are particularly good for heavier furnishings and those with sharper, pointy feet.

Rotate Furnishings

Moving your furniture can be a pain, but when you have a carpet it is important to do so regularly. Heavy furniture can break down the fibres in the carpet over a prolonged period of time. Regularly rotating the furniture in your room can prevent this from happening, or at least slow down the process.

Keep Floors Clean

Going to all this effort to protect your flooring will mean nothing if you don’t keep your floors clean. Follow the appropriate care guides for your flooring type to ensure you can maintain them as well as possible.

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