How To Prolong The Life Of Your Mattress

It is argued that humans spend one third of their life time in bed, approximately 8 hours every day (night). Therefore, we often spend a lot of time and money choosing a mattress that is right for us. No one wants to go through the hassle of getting a new mattress every few years and sleep experts suggest that on average your mattress can last you between 5-7 years if you take of it. Here we identify some 4  top tips in prolonging the life of your mattress.

Change your bed sheets on a regular basis – You should put clean bedding on every one to two weeks. As the human body produces a lot of oil it can build up on the sheets and be absorbed into the mattress layers. Particularly if you are someone that sweats a lot, you should be aware of how much of this is getting through to the mattress.

Hoover Your Mattress – To keep your mattress extra clean, some experts have even gone as far to suggest that you should hoover your mattress when you change your sheets to remove any dust particles or anything else that might be building up.

Use a mattress cover / protector – this is a thin cover that goes directly on top of mattress, this will help protect your mattress from any spillages, body oils or abrasion from the friction of the human body moving around on the mattress.

Rotate your mattress – Most people will tend to have a particular sleeping position. Over time you will begin to create a groove in your mattress and you might notice an area where you start to sink. You can avoid this by rotating and flipping your mattress, every two – three months is recommended.

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