Finding the Right Mattress for You

Getting a great night’s sleep is important for not only your health but it will also improve your mood the next day. In order to help you get the best night’s sleep possible, you need a great mattress – everyone is different so you need to find the best mattres for you. In this blog we explore a few aspects of a mattress which you should consider before buying.

The Cost

One of the biggest complaints when buying a mattress is the price, but a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better night’s sleep. The average price for a good quality mattress is between £500 and £1200. Although they are more expensive mattresses on the market, the majority of these have the same quality of cushioning and support as the more affordable mattresses.

Mattress Size

There are a variety of sizes when it comes to mattresses and it is all down to personal preference and the space available in your room. The standard sizes of the UK mattresses are the following, this should help give you a better idea of what size mattress you can fit in your space:

Small single: 75cm x 190cm
Single: 90cm x 190cm
Small double: 120cm x 190cm
Double: 135cm x 190cm
King-size: 150cm x 200cm
Super king-size: 180cm x 200cm

Mattress Firmness

This is a very personal and unique preference – how firm your mattress is. There is a wide scale of firmness when it comes to mattresses, and one of the best ways you can decide what is best for you is to go into a showroom and test them yourselves.

However, there are a few tips we can give you to work out which type of mattress may be better for you. It depends on your sleeping position, height and weight as to which type of firmness you may need.

Soft: If you sleep on your side, the soft mattresses may be better for you because a soft mattress relieves pressure from your spine and will mould to your body’s natural position.

Medium soft: For those who change their sleeping position in the night, the medium soft mattress will mould to your sleeping position and gives you a little more support – even when you’re frequently changing position.

Medium-firm & firm: Mattresses or an ‘ortho’ mattress are fine for those preferring a firmer sleeping surface and people of an above average stature.

At Exmouth Bed & Pine Centre we offer a full range of mattresses with free friendly advice.

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