How to De-stress before going to bed – Getting A Good Nights Sleep

Throughout the day our brain is flooded with information, our minds are kept active and more often than not we don’t get a moment of time to ourselves. When bedtime strikes many people are left with thoughts circling around their heads and are simply unable to switch off. It is always a great idea to try and de-stress and calm the mind before attempting to sleep that you stand the best chance of getting a good night of shut eye. Take a look at our great tips to leave the hustle and bustle of the day behind and relax into the night.

In the evening:

Have a warm drink – a warm drink will help your body to relax, just make sure you stay away from anything that contains caffeine as that will have the opposite affect.

Light a candle and dim the lights – bright lights will keep your senses alert, create a calming and serene atmosphere.

Stay away from stimulants, yes that includes bright phone screens. There are certain apps designed to help you de-stress and get to sleep, some of which are so sophisticated that they have an inbuilt timer to close the app to avoid you having to operate your phone again.

Lavender is a good scent for relaxation. Some people recommend spraying lavender on your pillows and duvet cover to create a relaxing aroma

Listen to calming music – this can distract our minds and take away our focus and help us drift off.

Do some deep breathing – this will help the muscles and your organs relax. This is also a form of meditation that can help prevent your mind from wandering elsewhere as you focus on the breath.

General Routines

Allocate an unwind time. You will learn how much time is right for you, but the majority of us will need a good half an hour to start to relax and unwind.

Change your bedding regularly – the majority of us will look forward to getting into bed knowing that we have fresh, clean sheets.

Only use your bed for sleep – it is important that your brain associates your bed with sleep only. Don’t spend hours of your day lounging around in bed. As soon as you get into bed you want your brain to make that connection that it is time to sleep.

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