Space Saving Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

If you’re struggling for space in your bedroom, there are plenty of things you can do to maximise the area you have. 

From wall mounted storage to doubling up on the furniture, here’s what you can do to save that all-important space in your bedroom: 


Tips to Give Your Home a Refresh in the New Year

A new year often brings about change and inspiration. One of the best ways you can implement this in order to improve your 2019, is to give your home a bit of a refresh.

There are a variety of ways to freshen up your living space and bring something different to your home.

If 2019 is the year of ‘New Year, New Home’, keep on reading.


Top Interior Trends for 2019

As seasons change, so do the trends. Beautiful and achievable interior design has become a possibility for everyone thanks to Pinterest and the introduction of ‘hygge’ – the Swedish way of comfort.

But how will you decorate your home to achieve a timeless, yet modern feel? The top trends for 2019 with regards to home décor are both new and fresh but hold the ability to impress time and time again. Which will you choose to implement in your home?

The 6 essentials that every home office needs

Working from home is becoming increasingly common with more people than ever before making the switch from office to home. Getting the balance between work and home can be hard at times which is why a home office is the perfect way to define this line. Here are the essentials that any great home office needs.


A desk for your computer or papers gives you’re the perfect designated work space that you will need. Not only will it give you the space and the storage that you’ll need for your work but will also help with your posture when working on a computer as opposed to be hunched over a laptop working on your sofa. You can look at our range of computer desks here.

Top Interior Trends for Spring

Interior is a very personal thing, it is a way of expressing who you are and what your home is about. However, I think we would all be lying if we said that the trends don’t sway our interior tastes slightly. We have created a list of some of our favourite trends for this Spring.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns