Protect your flooring from heavy wooden furniture

Pine and oak furniture makes a beautiful addition to any home. Its strong and durable nature makes it a great investment that will stand the test of time, but it’s heavy and can easily damage your floors with scuffs, scratches and dents.

Like your pine and oak furnishings, your flooring is an investment and so ensuring that it stays as well-preserved as possible is key. Below are some protective measures you can take to protect your flooring:

Always Lift Furniture

Solid wood furnishings are heavy and dragging them across any type of flooring can put it at risk of damage. This is particularly important to note for wooden or tiled floors as the furniture could scratch or scuff these surfaces. When pieces are too heavy to lift, you could try placing a towel underneath them and then slide them across the floor. This will protect both your furniture and the floor from damage. (more…)

How to Repair Scratched Pine and Oak Furniture

Whilst pine and oak are both strong woods that make for excellently sturdy and durable furniture, daily wear and tear can put them at risk of surface damage. It’s known that caring for your furniture will prolong its life and keep its appearance looking clean and fresh, but whilst we do what we can, scratches do happen. However, there are a number of ways in which surface damage can be repaired, allowing you to restore your furniture to its former brilliance.

Minor Scratch Furniture Repairs

Luckily, repairing minor scratches is straightforward. You can easily reduce the appearance of a scratch by using your regular treatment wax and buffing it with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you could try rubbing the flesh of a walnut, pecan, or brazil nut over the scratch. This will instantly minimise the appearance of the raw scratch as the oils darken the wood so that it matches the rest of the furniture. You will need to use the warmth of your finger to rub the surface in order to help the oil sink in. (more…)

How to Care for Pine and Oak Furniture

When you invest in furniture, you need to know that it will withstand the test of time with its strength and durability. Pine and oak furniture can easily handle everyday life, but there are ways in which you can ensure you get the longest possible life out of your purchase, and to keep it looking new. Here are a list of do’s and don’ts to remember when it comes to caring for you pine and oak furniture:


Clean Regularly with Natural Products

Much of our furniture is finished with a protective clear lacquer, this just needs a regular dust and occasional natural polish. If a spill should occur, wipe with a damp cloth then dry quickly with a dry cloth.

Some wooden furniture is finished with wax as it protects the grain of the wood and conditions the surface, preventing cracking. Items should be re-waxed every 6-12 months.

Danish Oil is another great product for protecting and conditioning your wooden furniture.