How to Care for Pine and Oak Furniture

When you invest in furniture, you need to know that it will withstand the test of time with its strength and durability. Pine and oak furniture can easily handle everyday life, but there are ways in which you can ensure you get the longest possible life out of your purchase, and to keep it looking new. Here are a list of do’s and don’ts to remember when it comes to caring for you pine and oak furniture:


Clean Regularly with Natural Products

Much of our furniture is finished with a protective clear lacquer, this just needs a regular dust and occasional natural polish. If a spill should occur, wipe with a damp cloth then dry quickly with a dry cloth.

Some wooden furniture is finished with wax as it protects the grain of the wood and conditions the surface, preventing cracking. Items should be re-waxed every 6-12 months.

Danish Oil is another great product for protecting and conditioning your wooden furniture.


Protect the Surface from Scratches

Use a felt under cloth or placemats under crockery on a dining table to protect from dents and scratches. Using pens with no protective layer under the paper can also cause denting so make sure to use a mat underneath.


Ask a Professional

If the surface of your furniture gets chipped or badly dented, ask a professional to restore it for you – attempting to do this yourself could result in more damage than necessary to your furniture.


Get Help Moving It

Pine or Oak furniture is heavy – so do not attempt to move it on your own! Ask someone to help you move each piece so as not to cause damage to yourself, or your furniture.


Keep It Ventilated

Too much moisture can shift the panels in wooden furniture. To regulate the moisture around your items, leave a gap next to the wall to allow air to circulate easily.


Protect Hard Flooring

Wooden furniture can be heavy and can scratch the surface of hard flooring. Prevent this by using protective cups or pads on the bottom of the furniture legs.



Keep Your Furniture Next to a Radiator

Too much heat can dry your furniture up and cause surface cracking. Keeping it away from radiators can prevent this from happening.


Put in Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can affect the colour of the wood so keeping it in a shaded area, or keeping a blind drawn can prevent colour fading.


Wipe Spillages

Spillages can damage the surface of wooden furniture. Keep the spills contained by blotting rather than wiping them away.


Use Chemicals

Chemicals are abrasive and can damage the surface of your furniture so these should be avoided at all costs. Natural products are a much better option for cleaning – see above.


Put Hot Dishes/Cups on the Surface

This can damage the surface of the wood so it is recommended that you use coasters and placemats to prevent this.


If you have any questions regarding the care of your pine and oak furniture, contact Exmouth Bed and Pine today.

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