3 Top Tips To Get Your Children To Sleep On Christmas Eve

Christmas is an exciting time of year, particularly for those Children who almost can’t contain their excitement for Christmas Day. Combined with this excitement often comes a struggled to get to sleep/ a disturbed nights sleep on Christmas Eve as they wait for Santa to bring the presents they have asked for. Getting the kids tucked up in bed and off to the land of nod at a reasonable hour on Christmas Eve can often lead to a more enjoyable Christmas Day for everyone. We have put together some top tips to help your children and ultimately you get a good nights’ sleep.

Keep them busy during the day on Christmas Eve
Make sure the children are up at a reasonable hour for starters, you don’t want them oversleeping on Christmas Eve so that they aren’t tired in the evening. A great way to tire out them in the day is keeping them busy with activities. Check your local area for any Christmas themed activities, if there doesn’t seem to be anything arranged, create your own fun and take them out for some fresh air. Allow them to have a run around and use up a lot of their energy so that when evening comes they are tired and ready to sleep. The final activity for the day could be to leave a Mince Pie and Sherry out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.

Stick to your bed time routine
It’s very easy to slip out of routine when they aren’t in school. Having a warm bath before getting into bed will likely help them to relax and cause them to become a little sleepy.  A warm milk is also a bedtime calming favourite for Children. It might even be worth sending them to bed a little early to accommodate for lost sleep excitement time. Whilst they are getting red for bed, tell them what time they are allowed to get up in the morning, this is so important, otherwise they are likely to be bursting with excitement at 5am thinking it is acceptable to get up and open presents then.

Make sure they are relaxed 
Keep them calm and occupied by reading them a Christmas story. Keep them warm but make sure it’s not too hot in their room either. Make sure that the rest of the household is quiet and relaxed so that they aren’t going to disturb them going to sleep.

And if all else fails, be sure to keep reminding them that Santa will only come when they are asleep.

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